How Many 176 ω Resistors (In Parallel) Are Required to Carry 5 a on a 220 V Line? - Science

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 How many 176 Ω resistors (in parallel) are required to carry 5 A on a 220 V line?

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For x number of resistors of resistance 176 Ω, the equivalent resistance of the resistors connected in parallel is given by Ohm’s law asVIR
Supply voltage, V= 220 V
Current, I = 5 A
Equivalent resistance of the combination = R,given as

`1/R=x xx(1/176)`


From Ohm's law



Therefore, four resistors of 176 Ω are required to draw the given amount of current.

Concept: System of Resistors - Resistances in Parallel
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Chapter 12: Electricity - Exercises [Page 221]


NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 12 Electricity
Exercises | Q 10 | Page 221

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