How is the method of history useful in the research of Science Arts Management Studies - History and Political Science

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Long Answer

How is the method of history useful in the research of

  1. Science
  2. Arts
  3. Management Studies
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The method of history proves to be useful in order to carry out research in the following fields

i. Science:

  1. In order to understand the chronological order of scientific discoveries, inventions and theories, it is essential to know the history of Science.
  2. History thus lets one understand the cause – effect chain that led to those discoveries and inventions and facilitates more such discoveries.

ii. Arts:

  1. It is important to understand the development of various art forms and their foundation in the form of intellectual-emotional-cultural traditions.
  2. With the help of cultural history, we can understand the key to the expression in any art forms, emotional temperament of the artist and the developmental history of the respective art form.

iii. Management Studies:

  1. Management Studies includes the study of various factors involved in the chain of production like the means of production, human resources, processes of production, the chain of market & sales management, etc. In order to understand these factors, it is necessary to have the knowledge of the similar functional systems of the past. 
  2. The psychological character of people working at various levels in the chain of production and marketing is dependent on the understanding of the social and economic institutions that support the industrial and commercial processes.

Hence, it is important to study the history of these institutions so that in present, the management at the various levels becomes easier.

Concept: Applied History
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