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How is Rahul Related to Arjun? - Logical Reasoning


Read the following direction and answer the question.

Sunita, Rahul and Suraj are children of Mrs. and Mr. Ahuja, Rani, Rohan and Shyam are children of Mrs. and Mr. Malik. Shyam and Sunita are married and Arjun and Sohan are their children. Gunjan and Romesh are children of Mrs. and Mr. Gandhi. Gunjan is married to Suraj and has three children named Rupali, Sonu and Ravi.

How is Rahul related to Arjun?


  • Brother-in-law

  • Cousin

  • Uncle

  • Maternal uncle

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Maternal uncle


Therefore, Rahul is maternal uncle to Arjun.

Concept: Blood Relationships (Entrance Exam)
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