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How is Hydrogen Separated from Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide? - Chemistry

Short Note

How is hydrogen separated from carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide? 

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(i) The products are hydrogen, carbon dioxide and some
unreacted carbon monoxide. Hydrogen is separated from carbon dioxide by passing the mixture through water under pressure, in which carbon dioxide gets dissolved leaving behind hydrogen. Carbon dioxide can also be separated by passing it through caustic potash (KOH) solution.

\[\ce {2KOH + CO2->K2CO3+H2O}\]

(ii) To separate carbon monoxide the gaseous mixture is passed through ammoniacal cuprous chloride in which carbon monoxide dissolves leaving behind hydrogen.

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Selina Concise Chemistry Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 7 Hydrogen
Exercise | Q 9.3 | Page 99
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