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How is Impure Copper Purified by Electrolysis ? Explain. - Chemistry

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How is impure copper purified by electrolysis ? Explain.

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Electrolytic refining is used for the purification of copper. In this case
Cathode : Pure copper strip
Anode : Impure copper
Electrolyte : A solution of copper sulphate and dilute sulphuric acid.
When the current is passed through the electrolyte , the copper ions of the copper sulphate solution are attracted to the cathode where they gain electrons and are deposited on pure copper strips. The impure copper loses electrons and passes into solution as soluble copper ions.
At Cathode : Cu+2 + 2e- → Cu
At anode : Cu + 2e- → Cu+2

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Frank ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Part 2
Chapter 6 Electrolysis
Exercise | Q 7 | Page 146
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