How Has the Use Of Agrobacterium As Vectors Helped in Controlling Meloidegyne Incognitia Infestation in Tobacco Plants? Explain in Correct Sequence. - Biology

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How has the use of Agrobacterium as vectors helped in controlling Meloidegyne incognitia infestation in tobacco plants? Explain in correct sequence.

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The following steps were taken utilizing Agrobacterium  as a transforming vector for tobacco plants to make them immune against the infestation of a nematode Meloidegyne incognitia:

1) Suitable plasmid vectors are chosen and the specific nematode gene is inserted into it.
2) The recombinant plasmids are introduced into the competent Agrobacterium cells.
3) The transformed  Agrobacterium cells are screened and selected to infect the tobacco plants.
4) Agrobacterium infection on the tobacco plant cultures leads to insertion and integration of nematode-desired DNA fragment within the tobacco plant.
5) Correct insertion of nematode gene into the host tobacco plants leads to silencing of a essential housekeeping gene of the Meloidegyne incognitia  pest by RNAi.  

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