How Has the Traditional Use of Wind and Water Energy Been Modified for Our Convenience? - Science

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 How has the traditional use of wind and water energy been modified for our convenience?

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Earlier, the windmills were used to harness wind energy to do mechanical work such as lifting/drawing water from a well. Today, windmills are used to generate electricity.In windmills, the kinetic energy of wind is harnessed and converted into electricity.
Water energy which was used for transportation before is now a good source to generate electricity. Dams has been constructed on river for generating electricity. Waterfalls were used as a source of potential energy which was converted to electricity with the help of turbines.

Concept: Heat Energy (Thermal Energy)
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Chapter 14: Sources of Energy - Intext Questions [Page 248]


NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 14 Sources of Energy
Intext Questions | Q 3 | Page 248

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