How Has the Traditional Use of Wind and Water Energy Been Modified for Our Convenience? - Science


 How has the traditional use of wind and water energy been modified for our convenience?



Earlier, the windmills were used to harness wind energy to do mechanical work such as lifting/drawing water from a well. Today, windmills are used to generate electricity.In windmills, the kinetic energy of wind is harnessed and converted into electricity.
Water energy which was used for transportation before is now a good source to generate electricity. Dams has been constructed on river for generating electricity. Waterfalls were used as a source of potential energy which was converted to electricity with the help of turbines.

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Chapter 14: Sources of Energy - Intext Questions [Page 248]


NCERT Science Class 10
Chapter 14 Sources of Energy
Intext Questions | Q 3 | Page 248


Explain the principle of working of a thermal power plant. Draw labelled diagram to illustrate your answer. 

The fuel which is not used at thermal power plants is:

(a) coal
(b) uranium
(c) natural gas
(d) fuel oil

Write one use of wind energy

(a) in the past

Which of the two causes serious air pollution and how?

 What is wind? What type of energy is possessed by wind?

 Explain how, wind energy can be used to generate electricity. Illustrate your answer with the help of a labelled diagram.

State two advantages of using wind energy for generating electricity.

Mention two limitations of wind energy for generating electricity.

The minimum speed of wind necessary for the satisfactory working of a wind generator to produce electricity is about:

(a) 15 km/h
(b) 25 km/h
(c) 35 km/h
(d) 45 km/h

A large coal-fired power station produces 2000 MW of electrical energy. A wind turbine with 33 m blades can produce 300 kW. 

How many turbines would be needed to replace the power station? 

Remake the table taking into account relation between entries in three columns. 

Coal  Potential Energy Wind electricity plant
Uranium  Kinetic Energy  Hydro electric plant
Water Reservoir Nuclear Energy Thermal plant
Wind  Thermal Energy  Nuclear power plant

Which fuel is used in thermal power plant? What are the problems associated with this type of power generation?


Other than thermal power plant, which power plants use thermal energy for power generation? In what different ways is the thermal energy obtained? 

Explain the difference. 

Thermal electricity generation and solar thermal electricity generation. 

Explain with diagram step-by-step energy conversion in  Thermal power plant 

Explain with diagram step-by-step energy conversion in Solar thermal power plant 

Draw a schematic diagram of solar thermal electric energy generation. 

The Electric Power Stations based on Thermal Energy.

Type of power generation station at Chandrapur.

Write the function of Condenser.

Distinguish between the following.

Thermal power plant and Solar thermal power plant

Draw the flowchart for the given power stations.

Thermal energy based electric power plant

When diesel is burnt chemical energy is converted into ______

Unit of energy is ________.

Find out the form of energy possessed by the following thing.


Heat energy cannot be produced by friction.

The unit of energy is Joule.

In the Given diagram, the possible direction of heat energy transformation is

______ is a measure of heat in a body.

The form of energy that produces feeling of hotness is called as ______.

Heat energy is used to run vehicles.

Heat is measured in Joule. 

Write the uses of heat energy and light energy.

In Thermal power station, ______ is used as fuel.


Thermal power station:: Neyveli.
Hydel power station:: ______.

Match the following:

1. Thermal power stations a. Kinetic energy converted into electrical energy
2. Hydel power stations b. Nuclear energy is converted into mechanical energy and then electrical energy
3. Atomic power stations c. Wind energy is used to produce electricity.
4. Windmills d. Heat energy is converted into electrical energy.

Here heat energy is converted into electric energy ______.

Which type of fuel is used in thermal power plant?


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