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How Had Widespread Use of Coal in Homes and Industries in Nineteenth Century England Raised Serious Problems ? Explain with Examples. - Social Science

Answer in Brief

How had widespread use of coal in homes and industries in nineteenth century England raised serious problems ? Explain with examples. 

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 i) In Victorian Britain there was no shortage of human labour. Poor peasants and vagrants moved to the cities in large numbers in search of jobs.

ii) shortage or high wage costs. They did not want to introduce machines that got rid of human labour and required large capital investment.

iii) In many industries the demand for labour was seasonal. Gas works and breweries were especially busy through the cold months. So they needed more workers to meet their peak demand.

iv) In all such industries where production fluctuated with the season, industrialists usually preferred hand labour, employing workers for the season. 

Concept: Age of Industrialization - Industrialization in the Colonies
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