How is Global Poverty a Source of Insecurity? Explain. - Political Science

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How is global poverty a source of insecurity? Explain.

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Global poverty is another source of insecurity. The world population is expected to be double within 25 years. Currently, half the world's population growth occurs in India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Among the world's poorest countries, population is expected to triple in the next 50 years, whereas many rich countries will see population shrinkage in that period. The high per capita income and low population growth make rich states or rich social groups get richer, whereas low incomes and high population growth reinforce each other to make poor states and poor groups get poorer. Globally, this disparity contributed to the gap between the Northern and Southern countries. Within the South, disparities have also sharpened as a few countries have managed to slow down population growth and raise incomes, while the others have failed to do so.

Concept: Non-traditional Or Human Security - Global Poverty, Health and Education
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