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How Does Movement and Absorption of Water Take Place Through the Roots? - Biology

How does movement and absorption of water take place through the roots?

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The water is absorbed by the root hair from the soil by osmosis.

Water moves into plant cells by osmosis as follows:

  1. The cell membrane of the plant cell is partially permeable.
  2. The cell sap inside the vacuole is a strong solution whereas water in the soil is a weak solution.
  3. Water moves into the plant cell by osmosis.
  4. The concentration of the sap in the vacuole is now weaker.
  5. Water passes from the weak solution into the strong solution in the next cell by osmosis.
  6. This continues until water reaches the root xylem.
  7. From the root xylem, it is pulled up in the stem and leaves through transpiration.


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