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How Does Ampere-maxwell Law Explain the Flow of Current Through a Capacitor When It is Being Charged by a Battery? - Physics

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How does Ampere-Maxwell law explain the flow of current through a capacitor when it is being charged by a battery? 

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Maxwell pointed out that the inconsistency of Ampere's circuital law is due to the wrong assumption that no current flows across
the space between the two plates of the capacitor i.e. there is a discontinuity in the flow of electric current in such electric circuits.
In fact, it is not so. If small compass needle is placed in the gap between the two plates of the capacitor, it shows deflection indicating
the existence of a magnetic field between the plates. So as to explain the existence of magnetic field between the plates, Maxwell assumed that there is a flow of the current across the gap between the plates of the capacitor. He named it as displacement current.

Concept: Electric Charges
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