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How does an Amoeba obtain its food?



Amoebaobtains its food through the process of endocytosis. The flexibility of the cell membrane enables the cell to engulf the solid particles of food and other materials from its external environment.

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Chapter 5: The Fundamental Unit of Life - Exercises [Page 67]


NCERT Science Class 9
Chapter 5 The Fundamental Unit of Life
Exercises | Q 7 | Page 67

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Fill in the gaps in the following table illustrating differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

  Prokaryotic cell Eukaryotic cell
1. Size: generally small ( 1-10 µm) 1 µm = 10-6 m Size: generally large (5-100 µm)
2. Nuclear region: ______________and is known as____ Nuclear region: well-defined and surrounded by a nuclear membrane
3. Chromosome: single More than one chromosome
4. Membrane-bound cell organelles are absent  _______________________________

How is a prokaryotic cell different from a eukaryotic cell?

 Distinguish between prokaryotic and enkaryotic cells

Draw a well labelled diagram of typical prokaryotic cell?

Write main differences between plant and animal cells.

Distinguish between the following pairs of science :
Prokaryotes and eukaryotes

What do you mean by prokaryotic cells?

the question has four options. Choose the correct answer:

A prokaryotic cell doesn't have

Most organelles in an eukaryotic cell is found in the

Prokaryotes were the first form of life on earth.

Match the following

1. Control center Energy producer
2. Food producer (Plant cell) Mitochondria
3. Gate of the nucleus Nucleus
4. Gate of the cell Chloroplasts
5. Energy producer Nuclear membrane


Prokaryote : Bacteria :: Eukaryote :_______

Give any three examples of eukaryotic cell?

Which one is the prokaryotic cell among the following?

The habitat of Escherichia coli bacteria is ______.

The prokaryotic cell type of nucleus is called ______.

Give two examples of prokaryotic cells?

Identify the correct statement.

Amoeba and Paramecium belong to which category of organisms?


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