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How Do You Distinguish Between a Skeletal Muscle and a Cardiac Muscle - Biology

How do you distinguish between a skeletal muscle and a cardiac muscle?

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  Skeletal muscle Cardiac muscle
1 They are present in the limbs, body walls, tongue,pharynx and begining of oesophagus They are present in wall of the heart, pulmonary veins and superior vena cava
2 Fibres unbranched Fibres branched
3 Multinucleate Uninucleate
4 Light and dark brands present Faint light and dark bands present
5 No oblique bridges and intercalated discs Oblique bridges and intercalated discs present
6 Nerve supply from central nervous system Nerve supply from the brain and automatic nervous system
7 Very rapid contraction Rapid contraction
8 They soon get fatigued They never get fatigued
9 Voluntary Involuntary
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NCERT Class 11 Biology Textbook
Chapter 20 Locomotion and Movement
Q 8 | Page 314
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