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How Do the Valency and the Atomic Size of the Elements Vary While Going from Left to Right Along a Period in the Modern Periodic Table? - Science

How do the valency and the atomic size of the elements vary while going from left to right along a period in the modern periodic table?

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Variation in valency

On moving from left to right in the periodic table, valency increases up to 4 and then decreases.

  • The electrons present in the last shell determine the valency of a particular element.
  • If the number of valence electrons is less than or equal to 4, valency = number of valence electrons
  • If the number of valence electrons is more than 4, valency = 8 - number of valence electrons

Variation in atomic size:-

Atomic size decreases along a period. This is because on moving across a period, the number of valence shells remains the same and the electrons increase by one unit. As a result, the nuclear charge increases and thus, the atomic radius decreases.

Concept: Periodic Properties
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