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How Do They Replace the Necklace? - English - Language and Literature

How do they replace the necklace?

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Loisel asked Matilda to write a letter to Mme Forestier, explaining that she had broken the clasp of the necklace and would get it repaired. They found a chaplet of diamonds in a shop of the Palais-Royal. This necklace seemed to be exactly like the one that had been lost. They could buy it for thirty-six thousand francs. Loisel had eighteen thousand francs, which his father had left him. He borrowed the rest from various sources. Finally, he bought the necklace and gave it to Matilda for her to take it back to Mme Forestier.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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NCERT Class 10 English - Footprints Without Feet
Chapter 7 The Necklace
Q 2 | Page 42
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