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How Do the Properties of Eka-aluminium Element Predicted by Mendeleev Compare with the Actual Properties of Gallium Element? - Science

How do the properties of eka-aluminium element predicted by Mendeleev compare with the actual properties of gallium element?

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The properties of eka-alumiunium, predicted by Mendeleev, which was undiscovered then, were almost similar to the actual properties of the element discovered later on. The comparison table below shows the similarities in the properties of the undiscovered element then and the actual element (Gallium).

Property Eka-Aluminium Gallium
Atomic Mass 68 69.7
Density 5.9g/cm3 5.94g/cm3
Melting point low 30.2oC (low)
Formula of oxide Ea2O3 Ga2O3
Formula of chloride EaCl3 GaCl3


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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Chemistry (Science)
Chapter 5 Periodic Classification Of Elements
Q 26.1 | Page 283
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