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How Do Archaeologists Trace Socio-economic Differences in Harappan Society? What Are the Differences that They Notice? - History

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Answer in 100-150 words

How do archaeologists trace socio-economic differences in Harappan society? What are the differences that they notice? 

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 Following examples can be cited to show the existence of social and economic variations : in the Harappan society:-

(i)Study of burials is one example. In the Harappan sites, the deads were usually laid in pits. There were differences in the Way burial pits were made. At some instances, the hollowed-out spaces were lined with bricks. But these may not be taken as an indication of social differences.

(ii)In some graves pottery and ornaments have been found. Jewellery has been found from the graves of men and women as well. These findings can point out social and economic differences. ‘

(iii)The artefacts have been classified into two categories, Utilitarian and Luxurious. Objects of daily uses and objects made of ordinary materials made of clay or stone come under utilitarian category. Ordinary articles consisted of querns, pottery, flesh-rubbers and needles. These have been found distributed throughout settlements.

(iv)Objects of luxuries were rare and made from precious, non-local materials. The technology used was advanced and complicated. Little pots of faience were considered precious. They were also not easy to make. These show the existence of social and economic variations in the Harappan society.

Concept: Introduction to Harappan Civilisation
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NCERT Class 12 History - Themes in Indian History
Chapter 1 Bricks, Beads And Bones: The Harappan Civilisation
Exercise | Q 2 | Page 26
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