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How did the standardisation in various sections during the Gupta period take place? division of Gupta administration changes in economic struture economy of agriculture Development of Gupta coinage - History

Answer in Brief

Answer the following question with the help of given points.

How did the standardisation in various sections during the Gupta period take place?

  1. division of Gupta administration
  2. changes in economic structure economy of agriculture
  3. Development of Gupta coinage
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a. Division of Gupta Administrations :

  1. During the Gupta period, the king was the centre of administration. The Prince, Amatya (ministers) and advisors helped him. Many times, the prince was appointed as viceroy who looked after the provincial administration.
  2. Every province was subdivisions These subdivisions were called Vishaya There was an independent administrator appointed to these Vishayas. They were known as 'Vishayapath'.
  3. 'Kumaramatya' were the provincial officers and 'Ayuktak' were the officials who looked after the affairs of the districts.
  4. Gupta administration was decentralised. Many decisions were taken.

b. Changes in the economic structure, economy of agriculture :

  1. The economic structure of the agricultural system was changed by the Gupta kings.
  2. They preferred giving land to local farmers for tilling. Land donations were also made for the cause of religion and learning. These lands were tax-free.
  3. They were called Agraharas
  4. The civil and military officers were granted land grants instead of salaries. Because of revenue tax exemption on the donated land.
  5. The power was concentrated on the local landlord
  6. Sugarcane and wheat were cultivated in the northwest province of the Gupta empire while the rice was cultivated in Magadha and eastern regions.

c. Development of Gupta Coinage :

  1. Gold Smiths enjoyed a high social status in this period.
  2. The gold coins are excellent examples of their skills.
  3. A beautiful and realistic portrayal of various aspects of the king is the characteristic of Gupta Coins.
Concept: Gupta Empire
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Chapter 10 Changing Times
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