How Did Sutta-pitaka Reconstruct the Philosophy of Buddhism? Mention About Buddhist Tipitaka. - History

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How did Sutta-Pitaka reconstruct the philosophy of Buddhism? Mention about Buddhist Tipitaka.

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Buddha’s teachings and philosophy have been reconstructed from stories, found mainly in the Sutta Pitaka. Although some stories have described his miraculous powers, others have suggested that the Buddha tried to convince people through reason and persuasion and not by displaying his supernatural powers. In one story narrated in the Sutta Pitaka, a griefstricken woman whose child had died came to Buddha. Buddha politely convinced her about the death rather than bring her son back to life. According to the Buddhist philosophy, the world is transient and constantly changing. It is also soulless and there is nothing permanent. With this transient world, sorrow is intrinsic to human beings.

After the death of Buddha, his followers compiled his teachings. These scriptures came to be known as the Tripitakas. Vinay Pitaka has laid down rules for nuns and monks residing in monasteries, Sutta Pitaka contains Buddha’s teachings and Abhidhamma Pitaka contains philosophical debates.

Concept: Brief Review of Religious Histories of Vedic, Religion, Jainism, Vaisnavism, Saivism and Buddhism
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