How Did the Soviet Union Suddenly Disintegrate? Explain Any Six Reasons. - Political Science

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How did the Soviet Union suddenly disintegrate? Explain any six reasons.

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Various reasons for the sudden disintegration of USSR:-

  1. The Communist Party had ruled the Soviet Union for over 70 years but was not accountable to the people. Also, there were doubts of internal weakness of Soviet political and economic institutions, which failed to meet people’s expectations.
  2. Stagnation took over the economy as much of the country’s resources were used for maintaining nuclear and military arsenal and for developing its satellite states in Eastern Europe and within the Soviet system. This resulted in a huge economic burden.
  3. Ordinary people were alienated by the slow administration and uncontrolled corruption, the inability to correct mistakes made and the unwillingness of the government to be more open to its people.
  4. The party bureaucrats gained more privileges than the ordinary citizens.
  5. The rise of nationalism and the need for sovereignty among various republics such as Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Georgia added to the cause of disintegration.
  6. People did not identify with the system and with rulers, and thus, the government lost popular backing.

All these factors are responsible for the stagnant administrative and political structure.

Concept: Disintegration of the Soviet Union and Its Impact Or Consequences on the World Order
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