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How Did the Reorganization of States Take Place in India After Its Independence? Explain. - Political Science

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How did the reorganization of States take place in India after its independence? Explain.

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The major reorganisation of states in India by the Act of 1956 satisfied popular demand to a great extent and introduced fundamental changes in the political map of India.
Before dismissing the creation of new states after 1956, it seems worthwhile to analyse the provisions of the Constitution for the creation of new states.
States Reorganisation Commission (1955) headed by Fazi Ali accepted the linguistic basis for the reorganisations of states. On the basis of its recommendations, a major reorganisation of states was carried out in 1956.
The union territory of Goa and Daman and Diu was bifurcated in 1987 to create a separate state of Goa and the union territory of Daman and Diu. Under international law, Indian sovereignty also extends to territorial seas which are 12 nautical miles from the coastal land boundary.

Concept: Organisation and Reorganization of States
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