Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 10th
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How did Holmes trap Mr. Culverton Smith to confess the murder? - English

Long Answer

How did Holmes trap Mr. Culverton Smith to confess the murder?

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Solution 1

  • Introduction:
    Sherlock Holmes was seriously ill. His housekeeper Mrs. Hudson was worried. The lesson “The Dying Detective” brings out the mystery behind Holmes illness and how Watson helped to solve the mystery.
  • Sherlock Holmes on Death Bed:
    Sherlock Holmes had been seriously ill for 3 days. His housekeeper wanted to bring in a doctor, but Holmes refused and at last, he asked her to call Dr. Watson.
  • Dr. Watson arrives:
    Dr. Watson arrived and he was shocked to see Holmes lying listless. Holmes did not allow Watson to examine him. Holmes asked Watson to bring a specialist to treat his disease.
  • Holmes Strange Condition:
    When Watson attempted to leave to get the doctor. Holmes asked Watson to sit and leave at 6’0 clock. Watson got bored. He picked up an ivory box. At once, Holmes shouted and asked him to keep the box down and warned him.
  • Mr. Culverton Smith arrives:
    Mr. Culverton Smith arrived and entered the dark room. Before that Watson had to enter the next room before Smith comes and Holmes asked Watson to leave the gaslight half-on.
  • The Truth is out:
    Mr. Culverton Smith accepted that he only murdered his nephew for the property. He thought that Holmes got the contagious disease by touching the sharp spring inside the box. Now, Holmes asked Watson to turn the gaslight fully. It was a signal for Inspector Morton who was waiting outside. Morton came inside and arrested Smith.
  • Conclusion:
    Holmes explained to Watson that he acted to confess Smith’s crime and asked sorry for behaving rudely to Watson. He didn’t eat food or drink for three days. So he was weak. Thus Watson unknowing helped Holmes to catch smith.

Solution 2

Holmes sent Watson to bring Culverton Smith who knew to cure the Eastern diseases. Holmes acted to be ill with Formosa plague. Watson pleaded with Smith to save Holmes. Smith was shocked and he rushed to Holmes.

There Holmes told Smith about the ivory box which confirmed the cause of the disease. Holmes told that Smith was behind the murder of Victor Savage who was the victim of the same disease. Smith told that Holmes was dying. Holmes asked Smith to brighten the lamp to see him better. Holmes was only pretending to be sick. Thus he made Smith confess the truth about Victor Savage’s murder.

Solution 3

  1. Sherlock Holmes was a detective.
  2. Watson was his friend.
  3. Holmes was sick with a deadly disease.
  4. He wanted Watson to bring Mr. Smith.
  5. Smith had murdered Victor.
  6. Holmes was detecting the case.
  7. On visiting Holmes, he confessed his crime.
  8. Smith agreed that he had tried to kill Holmes.
  9. At last, he was arrested by Inspector.
Concept: Prose (Class 10th)
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Samacheer Kalvi English Class 10th SSLC Tamil Nadu State Board
Chapter 7.1 The Dying Detective
Exercise | Q B. 1. | Page 194
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