How Did Helen Keller Enjoy Her Visit to the World Fair? (120‒150 Words) - English Communicative


How did Helen Keller enjoy her visit to the World fair? (120‒150 words)



At the World's Fair in the summer of 1893, Helen saw her childish fancies manifesting themselves in reality. She visited the Midway Plaisance, which seemed like the Arabian Nights to her because it was crammed full of novelties and interest. Here was the India of her books in the curious bazaars, with its Shiva and elephant gods, and the land of the pyramids in the model Cairo, with its mosques and long procession of camels. The lagoons of Venice, Viking ships, the model of the Santa Maria, the Cape of Good Hope exhibit that showed the process of diamond mining, the electrical building full of technological inventions, the anthropological department, the ancient Mexico and Egyptians mummies were the things that Helen came across at the fair. ​Visiting the World's Fair was a special privilege for Helen because she was given the permission to touch the exhibits at the World's Fair such as the treasures that Pizarro had seized from Peru.

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