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How is Curtsey Shown in Business Letter? Give Atleast Two Example. - Communication Skills

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How is curtsey shown in business letter? Give atleast two example.

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One of the important principal of business correspondence is the principal of social relationship and regards for the felling of other. Use of courteous word and phrases can reduce the unpleasantness of the information, create good week and elicit a favorable response from the recipient. A rude letter can be disastrous for maintaining business relations. Therefore, organization have to be careful while dealing with business correspondence. Goodwill is a great asset for an organization and curtsey in correspondence can help in maintaining cordial business relation . Some of the phrases given below are example of how correspondence can be made more pleasant.
1.Many thanks for your letter dated 21 Sept, 2016.
2.Thank you for your prompt reply.

Concept: Business Correspondence: Parts of a Business Letter
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