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How Could You Improve Your Score ? - English Core

Answer in Brief

How could you improve your score ?
How could you improve your score ? Also reflect on the ways in which the waste produced in carrying out some of the activities above is disposed of

My Ecological Footprint
Worksheet: How could you improve your score ?

What changes could you make in your daily activities at school and at home to improve your score ? Use the table below to write down ways of using less energy, less water and making less waste.

Use Less Energy Use Less Water Make Less Waste
Turn off the light when there is no one in the classroom or bedroom (a) Don’t leave the water running when  brushing (b) Put the rubbish in the recycling bins (c)
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Use Less Energy Use Less Water Make Less Waste 
Tum off the light when there is no one in The classroom or bedroom
- using public transport instead of  personal one
- using computer only      when it is necessary
- using energy saving     utensils like pressure cooker
- using TV for less 11 me 
Don't leave The water running when
- using water necessary for  cooking
- taking a bath in showers 
- no car wash, only dry-cleaning with one bucket
- water harvesting
- using shcwers for watering the plants if  grown in kitchen garden
- kitchen waste water to be used  for irrigating plants in flower pots  etc.
Put The rubbish in the recycling bins
- using cyclable material  only
- no use of plastic bags 
- using shopping
bags made of )Ute or cloth
- old clothes. shoes be donated
Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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