Social Science: Consumer Rights - Factors Causing Exploitation of Consumers


How is the consumer redressal process becoming cumbersome, expensive and time-consuming? Explain.



The consumer redressal process is becoming cumbersome, expensive and time consuming because of the following reasons:
i) Whenever a consumer grievance cannot be sorted out by amicable means or at least on terms acceptable to both parties, the consumer has to hire the services of a lawyer and seek redressal within the confines of the formal establishment of law.
ii) Often, the consumers do not normally insist on receipts of the purchase. As a result there is no retail trajectory of such purchases.
iii) The laws on this subject are yet to be properly laid down and are open to legal maneuvering by lawyers. As a result, the enforcement of such laws becomes difficult.

Concept: Factors Causing Exploitation of Consumers
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