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How the Compass Direction of an Object, Feature Or Place Given from the Given Point? - Geography

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How the compass direction of an object, feature or place given from the given point?

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(i) Direction:
The upper part of a map is North, your right hand is East and left hand West. The down part is South. You must be careful from which town or feature to give direction.

From B — A is in N. E. Direction
From A — B is in S. W. Direction
From Y — X is in S. E. Direction
From P — M is in South Direction
From M — P is in North Direction
From X — Y is in N. W. Direction

(ii) Bearing:
Direction can be indicated by a system of angular bearing. Bearing is the horizontal angle between the North and line joining the position- of the observer and the object in a clockwise direction. The bearing from the observer to the object is called forward bearing (FB). The bearing from the object to the observer is called backward bearing (BB).

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ICSE ICSE Class 10 Geography
Chapter 1 Map Study: Interpretation and Topographical Maps
Short Questions | Q 9
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