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How Can You Obtain Hydrogen from a Mixture of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide. - Chemistry

Short Note

How can you obtain hydrogen from a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide?

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Manufacture of H2 from steam:
From natural gas: Natural gas is obtained from petroleum wells and consists mainly CH4 (methane). It is mixed with steam at 30 atm. and passed over heated nickel 800°C, when water gas is formed.

\[\ce{Ch4 + H2O (steam)->[Ni][800°C]\underset{\text{(water gas)}}{[Co + 3H2]}}\]

Separation of CO: The gaseous mixture of [CO and H2] is passed through ammonical cuprous chloride solution in order to dissolve uncombined CO.

CuCl + CO + 2H2O → CuCl.CO.2H2

By dissolving the mixture in ammonical cuprous chloride. CO dissolves and H2 is left over.

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Viraf J. Dalal Class 9 Simplified ICSE Chemistry
Chapter 6 Study Of The First Element — Hydrogen
Exercise | Q 7.1
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