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How Can We Increase the Effectiveness of Health Care Programmes? - Economics

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How can we increase the effectiveness of health care programmes?

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Health is a public good and a basic human right. Therefore, it should be provided to all and no person should be deprived of health care facilities. These facilities can be provided to all if public health services are decentralised. It implies that the power of providing these services should be delegated from the central to the local authorities. The success of health care depends upon education, spread of knowledge, awareness and efficient health infrastructure. It is crucial to create awareness about health and hygiene among people. The telecom and IT sectors can further aggravate the effectiveness of health care programmes. Further, providing quality medical facilities at nominal costs can promote its worthiness and popularity. In order to enhance the effectiveness of health care programmes, the main focus should be on increasing the number of hospitals, modernisation of medical facilities, development of infrastructure, improving the doctor-population ratio and increasing the number of medical colleges in India. The availability and development of medical facilities in the rural areas is still a far cry. Further, there must be some regulation to check the exorbitant fees charged by the private medical centres to make health care facilities accessible and affordable to all.

Concept: Health
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NCERT Class 12 Economics - Indian Economic Development
Chapter 8 Infrastructure
Exercise | Q 21 | Page 159
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