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How can people’s participation be effective in conserving forests and wildlife? - Geography

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Answer in Brief

How can people’s participation be effective in conserving forests and wildlife?

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People’s participation can be very effective in conserving forests and wildlife. It is the common people who harm the wildlife and forests the most. They cut trees for shifting cultivation. They kill animals for entertainment. Therefore in 1972, the government of India has passes Wildlife Protection Act whereby it is illegal to do hunting. Since then the hunting and poaching ease has reduced to a great extent.

The two main objectives of the Act are; to provide protection to the endangered species listed in the schedule of the Act and to provide legal support to the conservation areas of the country classified as National parks, sanctuaries, and closed areas. This Act has been comprehensively amended in 1991, making punishments more stringent, and has also made provisions for the protection of specified plant species and conservation of endangered species of wild animals. There are 105 National parks and 514 wildlife sanctuaries covering an area of 15.67 million hectares in the country.
These actions are taken by the government but their implementation and maintenance depend on the participation and cooperation of the people.

Concept: Wildlife Conservation in India
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NCERT Geography - India Physical Environment Class 11
Chapter 5 Natural Vegetation
Exercises | Q 3. (ii) | Page 67
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