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How Can More Employment Be Created in Agriculture Sector Alone ? Explain Any Three Ways. - Social Science

Answer in Brief

 How can more employment be created in agriculture sector alone ? Explain any three ways. 

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 i) The government can spend some money or banks can provide a loan, to construct a well for family to irrigate the land. Person will then be able to irrigate person land and take a second crop, wheat, during the rabi season.

ii) suppose a new dam is constructed and canals are dug to irrigate many such farms. This could lead to a lot of employment generation within the agricultural sector itself reducing the problem of underemployment.

iii) For this they may be required to transport their products to a nearby town. If the government invests some money in transportation and storage of crops, or makes better rural roads so that mini-trucks reach everywhere several farmers.

iv) This activity can provide productive employment to not just farmers but also others such as those in services like transport or trade.

v) To cultivate the land, she also needs seeds, fertilisers, agricultural equipment and pumpsets to draw water. Being a poor farmer, person cannot afford many of these. So, she will have to borrow money from moneylenders and pay a high rate of interest. If the local bank gives person credit at a reasonable rate of interest, she will be able to buy all these in time and cultivate person land. 

Concept: Informal Institutions - Local Money Lenders, Landlords, Self Help Groups, Chit Funds and Private Finance Companies
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