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How Can the Disadvantages of Eddy Currents Be Minimized? - Physics

Short Note

How can the disadvantages of eddy currents be minimized?

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Solution 1

Eddy currents heat up the core and dissipate electrical energy in the form of heat. Eddy currents are minimised  by using laminations of metal to make a metal core. The laminations are separated by an insulating materials  like lacquer. The plane of the lamination must be arranged parallel to the magnetic field, so that they current acroos the eddy current paths. This arrangements reduces the strength of the eddy currents.

Solution 2

Minimize eddy currents:-

(i) In order to reduce the eddy current loss, the resistance of the core should be increased. Because of it, we laminate the core that will have relatively high resistance.

(ii) The plane of these sheets is placed perpendicular to the direction of the current so that they would cancel each other currents.

Concept: Eddy Currents
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