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How Are Equilibrium Price and Quantity Affected When Income of the Consumers - Economics

Answer in Brief

How are equilibrium price and quantity affected when income of the consumers increase.

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 Increase in income of consumers

If the number of firms is assumed to be fixed, then the increase in consumers’ income will lead the equilibrium price to rise.

Let us understand how it happens:

D1D1 and S1S1 represent the market demand and market supply respectively. The initial equilibrium occurs at E1, where the demand and the supply intersect each other. Due to the increase in consumers’ income, the demand curve will shift rightward parallelly while the supply curve will remain unchanged. Hence, there will be a situation of excess demand, equivalent to (qe − q1). Consequently, the price will rise due to excess demand. The price will continue to rise until it reaches E2 (new equilibrium), where D2D2 intersects the supply curve S1S1. The equilibrium price increases from Pe to P2 and the equilibrium output increases from qe to q2.

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NCERT Class 12 Economics Introductory Microeconomics
Chapter 5 Market Equilibrium
Exercise | Q 9.1 | Page 86
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