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How is Alluvial Soil Formed? Why is this Soil Agriculturally Important? - Geography

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How is Alluvial soil formed? Why is this soil agriculturally important?

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Alluvial soils are formed by the sediments brought by the rivers. The rivers deposit very fine silt called ‘alluvium’ in their plains during the course of their journey starting from its source in the mountains and ending till its mouth.
This soil is agriculturally very important because it is a mixture of sand, clay and silt (loamy) which makes it very fertile. It is rich in potash and lime. It is light and porous therefore easily tillable. It is suitable for growing large variety of Rabi and Kharif crops.

Concept: Different Types of Soil
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ICSE ICSE Class 10 Geography
Chapter 4 Soils in India
Short Questions | Q 6
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