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Hina Sweets is a Renowned Name for Quality Sweets since 1935 Identify the Step Taken by Harsh that is Related to One of the Functions of Management. - Business Studies

Hina Sweets is a renowned name for quality sweets since 1935. Harsh the owner of Hina Sweets was worried as the sales had declined during the last three months. When he enquired from the Sales Manager, the Sales Manager reported that there were some complaints about the quality of sweets. Therefore Harsh ordered for sample checking of sweets.

Identify the step taken by Harsh that is related to one of the functions of management.

Whirlwind Enterprises was a renowned name for manufacturing quality washing machines since 1965. When the profit of the last year declined, Mr Ahmed, the owner of Whirlwind Enterprises, asked the General Manager to prepare a profitability report of the company including Gross Profit Ratio, Net Profit Ratio, etc. besides using other techniques to assess the company's performance. Identify the step taken by Mr Ahmed which is related to one of the functions of management.

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Measurement of actual performance is the step which is taken by Harsh that is related to controlling function of management.

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