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Highlight any five ways to increase employment in India.



Various ways to generate employment opportunities both in rural and urban areas shall include:

  • Adoption of labour demanding techniques: Adopting labour intensive techniques for new fields of production will help in employing more people.

  • Rapid industrialization: More the number of industries, more would be employment opportunities.

  • Overhauling the education system: Catering for vocational training rather than only textbook learning that is offered in the current education system, would go a long way in developing skills in a large number of people and reduce unemployment.

  • Decentralization: Encouraging industries around sparsely populated areas will bring down the rate of unemployment in areas of high population density.

  • Encouraging small enterprises: Encouraging entrepreneurship goes a long way in solving the problem of unemployment. By setting up small scale industries, entrepreneurs reduce their dependency on the government to solve their problem of unemployment. In addition, such entrepreneurs also employ a workforce, offering employment to several more people.

  • Guidance centers and Employment Exchanges: Career counseling and employment exchanges help people to look for employment according to their skills.

Concept: Concept for Employment Generation
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