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High Order Thinking Skills - Entrepreneurship

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High Order Thinking Skills

Stock exchange performs a number of functions in respect of marketability of different types of securities for investors and borrowing companies. Explain the important functions of stock exchanges.

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  1. Continuous and ready market for securities: Stock exchange provides a central market for purchase and sale of securities. It provides ready and continuous outlet for buying and selling of securities. Buyers and sellers strongly believe that they would be able to buy and sell securities as and when they want.
  2.  Facilitates evaluation of securities: Stock exchange is useful for the evaluation of industrial securities. It publishes price quotation of the shares of the companies that have been listed with them after thorough analysis of demand and supply position. This enables investors to know the true worth of their holdings at any time.
  3. Checks on brokers: Stock exchanges control the activities of brokers and protect the investors from being deceived. Now, if any broker is found indulging in malpractices as overcharging or giving wrong information, his/her licence may be cancelled.
  4. Provides safety and security in dealings: Activities of the stock exchange are controlled by the provisions of the Securities Control (Regulation) Act and all this creates confidence in the minds of investors. As transactions are conducted as per well defined rules and regulations, fraudulent practices stands checked effectively ensuring safety, security and justice in dealings.
  5. Regulates company management: Listed companies have to comply with rules and regulations of concerned stock exchange and work under the vigilance of stock exchange authorities.
  6. Intensifying capital formation: Stock exchange accelerates the process of capital formation through creating the habit of saving, investing and risk taking among the investing class by converting their savings into profitable, safe investments.
  7.  Facilitates raising of new capital:Because of stock exchange, for either development, organisation or expansion, the need for more capital by the existing companies is easily met out.
  8. Facilitates public borrowing:Stock exchange serves as a platform for marketing government securities. It enables government to raise public debt easily and quickly.
  9. Facilitates healthy speculation: Healthy speculation keeps the exchange active. Normal speculation is not dangerous but provides more business to the exchange. However, excessive speculation is undesirable as it is dangerous to investors and the growth of corporate sector.
  10.  Serves as economic barometer: Stock exchange indicates the state of health of companies and the national economy. It acts as a barometer of the economic situation/conditions and is thus referred to as ‘pulse of economy’ or ‘economic mirror’.
  11.  Facilitates bank lending: Banks easily know the prices of quoted securities. They offer loans to customers against corporate securities. This gives convenience to the owners of securities.
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CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Textbook
Chapter 6 Resource Mobilization
Section C: Stock Exchange | Q 5 | Page 247
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