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Here Are a Police Constable'S Notes Or His Investigation Or the Murder at Manor House. After Reading the Notes, Discuss Where the Murder Could Have Taken Place. What Was the Motive - English - Communicative

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Here are a police constable's notes or his investigation or the murder at Manor House. After reading the notes, discuss where the murder could have taken place. What was the motive behind the evil act? How was the act committed? 

Murder at Manor House 
Birlstone : January 6th 
Manor House - state of wild confusion and alarm 
- white faced servants 
- frightened butler 
- man horribly injured- terrible marks 
- we have no clues yet 
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The murder took place in the Manor House. Exact location of the room is impossible to tell. No clue for the motive is there. The act must have been committed in a ghastly manner which left injuries and marks on the deceased.

Concept: Writing and Grammar
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CBSE English Course Communicative: Main Course Book Interact in English - Class 9
Chapter 5.3 The Tragedy of Birlstone
Exercise | Q 3 | Page 100
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