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The banks of a river are parallel. A swimmer starts from a point on one of the banks and swims in a straight line inclined to the bank at 45º and reaches the opposite bank at a point 20 m from the point opposite to the starting point. Find the breadth of the river


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The heights of two poles are 80 m and 62.5 m. If the line joining their tops makes an angle of 45º with the horizontal, then find the distance between the pole

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As observed from the top of a 75 m high lighthouse from the sea-level, the angles of depression of two ships are 30° and 45°. If one ship is exactly behind the other on the same side of the lighthouse, find the distance between the two ships.

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From a point on the ground 40 m away from the foot of a tower, the angle of elevation of the top of the tower is 30º. The angle of elevation of the top of a water tank (on the top of the tower) is 45º. Find the (i) height of the tower (ii) the depth of the tank.

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A passenger, while boarding the plane, slipped form the stairs and got hurt. The pilot took the passenger in the emergency clinic at the airport for treatment. Due to this, the plane got delayed by half an hour. To reach the destination 1500 km away in time, so that the passengers could catch the connecting flight, the speed of the plane was increased by 250 km/hour than the usual speed. Find the usual speed of the plane

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If the angle of elevation of cloud from a point 200 m above a lake is 30º and the angle of depression of its reflection in the lake is 60º, then find the height of the cloud above the lake

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