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An aeroplane when flying at a height of 4000m from the ground passes vertically above another aeroplane at an instant when the angles of the elevation of the two planes from the same point on the ground are 60º and 45º respectively. Find the vertical distance between the aeroplanes at that instant


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A vertical tower stands on a horizontal plane and is surmounted by a flagstaff of height 7m. At a point on the plane, the angle of elevation of the bottom of the flagstaff is 30º and that of the top of the flagstaff is 45º. Find the height of the tower.

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There is a small island in the middle of a 100 m wide river and a tall tree stands on the island. P and Q are points directly opposite to each other on two banks, and in line with the tree. If the angles of elevation of the top of the tree from P and Q are respectively 30º and 45º, find the height of the tree

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A statue, 1.6 m tall, stands on a top of pedestal, from a point on the ground, the angle of elevation of the top of statue is 60° and from the same point the angle of elevation of the top of the pedestal is 45 °. Find the height of the pedestal.

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A balloon is connected to a meteorological station by a cable of length 200 m, inclined at 60º to the horizontal. Find the height of the balloon from the ground. Assume that there is no slack in the cable

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A boat is being rowed away from a cliff 150m high. At the top of the cliff the angle of depression of the boat changes from 60º to 45º in 2 minutes. Find the speed of the boat.

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