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At a point A, 20 metres above the level of water in a lake, the angle of elevation of a cloud is 30˚. The angle of depression of the reflection of the cloud in the lake, at A is 60˚.
Find the distance of the cloud from A.


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The elevation of a tower at a station A due north of it is α and at a station B due west of A is β. Prove that the height of the tower is `\frac{AB\sin \alpha \sin \beta }{\sqrt{\sin^{2}\alpha -\sin ^{2}\beta `

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A 1.5 m tall boy is standing at some distance from a 30 m tall building. The angle of elevation from his eyes to the top of the building increases from 30° to 60° as he walks towards the building. Find the distance he walked towards the building

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From the top of a lighthouse, an observer looks at a ship and finds the angle of depression to be 60° . If the height of the lighthouse is 90 meters, then find how far is that ship from the lighthouse? (√3 = 1.73)

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A ladder against a vertical wall makes an angle of 45º with the ground. The foot of the ladder is 3m from the wall. Find the length of the ladder

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A truck covers a distance of 150 km at a certain average speed and then covers another 200 km at an average speed which is 20 km per hour more than the first speed. If the
truck covers the total distance in 5 hours, find the first speed of the truck.

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