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Height of a Solid Cylinder is 10 Cm and Diameter 8 Cm. Two Equal Conical Hole Have Been Made from Its Both Ends. If the Diameter Oaf the Holes is 6 Cm and Height 4 Cm, Find - Mathematics

Answer in Brief

Height of a solid cylinder is 10 cm and diameter 8 cm. Two equal conical hole have been made from its both ends. If the diameter of the holes is 6 cm and height 4 cm, find (i) volume of the cylinder, (ii) volume of one conical hole, (iii) volume of the remaining solid.

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Height = 10 cm.


` = 8/2`

`=4 cm.`

(i) Volume of cylinder


`= pi xx (4)^2 xx 10`
= \[160\pi {cm}^3\]

(ii) Volume of conical hole diameter of

cone = 6 cm.

radius `=6/2`

           `=3 cm.`

height = 4 cm.

volume `=1/3 pi (7) h`

              `=1/3 pi .9.4`

              `= 12 pi cm^3`

(iii) Volume of remaining solid

`=160 pi - 2 xx (12pi)`

`=160pi - 24 pi`

 = \[136\pi {cm}^3\]

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RD Sharma Class 10 Maths
Chapter 14 Surface Areas and Volumes
Q 42 | Page 83
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