Heavy Rains in Jammu and Kashmir Caused Floods, Landslides, House Collapses and Heavy Loss of Life and Property. Write an Article in 100 − 120 Worlds on 'Floods − Cause and Prevention'. You Are Anita/Aman. - English - Language and Literature

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Heavy rains in Jammu and Kashmir caused floods, landslides, house collapses and heavy loss of life and property. Write an article in 100 − 120 worlds on 'Floods − Cause and Prevention'. You are Anita/Aman.

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Floods – Causes and Prevention

By Anita

There are many natural disasters that claim hundreds of lives, but the severest of them are floods. Every year, floods are responsible for destruction of property and lives. This time, its unfortunate target was Jammu and Kashmir. Floods were caused by heavy rains and overflowing of water from rivers after the breakage of dam barriers. Villages were swept away by the flood waters leaving many homeless.

It is to be noted that the same villages are hit by the floods but even then no measures are taken. Although, floods create havoc every year, yet no precautionary methods are taken by the government. We just stand by and watch people being washed away by the cruel water. It is ironic that once the water does its damage, people come forward with their relief and help. It is high time that preventive measures be put in place.

To prevent massive damage, proper barriers must be built on the rivers and canals should be made so that the rain water gets carried away instead of wreaking havoc. Wells should be dug so that the excess rain water seeps into the ground and replenishes the ground water and at the same time prevents the floods. 

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