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He Opened the Factory Door - Peeped Inside - Some Light - Last Shift Over - Could Be Thieves - English - Communicative

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Answer in Brief

He opened the factory door - peeped inside - some light - last shift over - could be thieves

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                             A memorable experience

We were a group of five friends sitting at the shore near the diamond manufacturing factory. We saw a person entering the factory. We have thought that he was the watchman who had come for his night shift. We were just planning to go back to our house the suddenly we heard an absolutely unique sound from the doors of the factory. As we were students of the police training academy we were no afraid to go in the factory to check out what is really happening inside? when we entered the factory we found that the back doors were  not locked and the watchman was hit very badly on his head. Two of by friends took the man to the hospital. I and my left friends were so confident of our training that we divided ourselves and went in different directions. I went upstairs, As I was strolling in search of any clue, suddenly i saw that both of my friends were hit badly by a pistol. I called the backup, before the  the expert cops i have admit my friends to the same hospital where the watchman was admitted.
 as i went out through the back doors i found the man with a shining and a huge diamond in his hand. He was not able to walk properly i thought that my wort to catch him was so simple but the the next second he met with an accident with a lorry. I took a photograph of the number plate of the vehicle. The expert cops have arrived I gave the number of the vehicle to the cops. i took a motor bike and fetch the whole are for a recently driving lorry. I went to the traffic centre and checked the cctv footages of all the city. I have finally known the address of the place where the lorry was ! I sent the location to the expert cops. the cops arrived the spot and arrested the big-shots for whom the thieves were working for! My friends and the watchman were in a recovered state than before. I felt that i have achived some thing before my posting as an IPS officer !!


Concept: Writing Skill
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