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Have You Ever Had to Make a Difficult Choice (Or Do You Think You Will Have Difficult Choices to Make)? How Will You Make the Choice (For What Reasons)? - English - Language and Literature

Have you ever had to make a difficult choice (or do you think you will have difficult choices to make)? How will you make the choice (for what reasons)?

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No, till now I have never been in a situation in which I had to make a difficult choice. Perhaps I am still too young to make an independent choice. Yes, I think sooner or later I will have difficult choices to make. After completing my general education, I will have to make choice of profession whether I should become an engineer or doctor or something else. I will have hundreds of options before me. I will make choice according to my capabilities and strong points at that point of time. I will choose a path that gives me satisfaction and mental peace. I will not join the rat race for money. Like the poet in poem, I will choose a challenging and unexplored path in my life.

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NCERT Beehive for Class 9 English
Chapter 1.2 The Road Not Taken (poem)
Q 2.1 | Page 16
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