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Have you ever done something difficult or frightening, by pretending about it in some way? Tell your classmates about it. - English

Answer in Brief

Say what you feel about homework. (The words and phrases in the boxes may help you.) Do you think it is useful, even though you may not like it? Form pairs, and speak to each other.

For example:

You may say, “I am not fond of homework.”

Your partner may reply, “But my sister helps me with my lessons at home, and that gives a boost to my marks.”

(not) be fond of
(not) take to
(not) develop a liking for
(not) appeal to
(not) be keen on
(not) have a taste for

  • support
  • assist
  • with the aid of
  • help
  • be a boon
  • give a boost to
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A. I do not like homework.
B. But my sister helps me. Now, it gives a boost to my marks.
A. This idea doesn’t appeal to me. I am afraid it will be cheating.
B. No. It’s not cheating. My sister supports me by explaining the difficult points only.
A. I see. So, you slowly develop a liking for it yourself.
B. Exactly. I have taken to doing my homework very regularly.
A. Well, I will also try to develop a taste for it. Does the idea of having some help-books appeal to you?
B. Sure. They say it can be a boon if used properly.
A. I am keen on trying it soon.
B. Good. I am sure, you will soon take to doing your homework.

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NCERT English - Honeysuckle Class 6 CBSE
Chapter 1.1 Who Did Patrick’s Homework?
Speaking | Q 1.2 | Page 13
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