Gunnar Myrdal Has Dealt with the Problem of Asian Countries in Her Book Asian Drama 'Regarding' - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


Gunnar Myrdal has dealt with the problem of Asian countries  in her book ASIAN DRAMA 'regarding'


  • poverty

  • modern industries

  • military dictatorship

  • neo-colonialismv



military dictatorship


Gunnar Myrdal was a Swedish economist, sociologist, and politician. Gunnar Myrdal strongly opposed the  Vietnam War. In Asian Drama, Myrdal predicted that land reform and pacification would fail in Vietnam and urged the United States to begin negotiations with  North Vietnam.

Concept: Economic Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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Which of the following report brought out the 2G spectrum scam?

Choose the appropriate option:
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Choose the most appropriate option.
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