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100 surnames were randomly picked up from a local telephone directory and a frequency distribution of the number of letters in the English alphabet in the surnames was found as follows:-

Number of letters
Number of surnames
1 - 46
4 - 630
6 - 844
8 - 1216
12 - 204

(i) Draw a histogram to depict the given information.

(ii) Write the class interval in which the maximum number of surnames lie.


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A survey conducted by an organisation for the cause of illness and death among the women between the ages 15 - 44 (in years) worldwide, found the following figures (in %):-

Female fatality rate (%)
1Reproductive health conditions31.8
2Neuropsychiatric conditions25.4
4Cardiovascular conditions4.3
5Respiratory conditions4.1
6Other causes22.0

(i) Represent the information given above graphically.

(ii) Which condition is the major cause of women’s ill health and death worldwide?

(iii) Try to find out, with the help of your teacher, any two factors which play a major role in the cause in (ii) above being the major cause.

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Given below are the seats won by different political parties in the polling outcome of a state assembly elections:-

Political Party
Seats Won

(i) Draw a bar graph to represent the polling results.

(ii) Which political party won the maximum number of seats?

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The following table gives the distribution of students of two sections according to the mark obtained by them:-

Section ASection B
0 - 1030 - 105
10 - 20910 - 2019
20 - 301720 - 3015
30 - 401230 - 4010
40 - 50940 - 501

Represent the marks of the students of both the sections on the same graph by two frequency polygons. From the two polygons compare the performance of the two sections.

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The length of 40 leaves of a plant are measured correct to one millimetre, and the obtained data is represented in the following table:-

Length (in mm)Number of leaves
118 - 1263
127 - 1355
136 - 1449
145 - 15312
154 - 1625
163 - 1714
172 - 180

(i) Draw a histogram to represent the given data. [Hint: First make the class intervals continuous]

(ii) Is there any other suitable graphical representation for the same data?

(iii) Is it correct to conclude that the maximum number of leaves are 153 mm long? Why?

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The following table gives the life times of 400 neon lamps:-

Life time (in hours)
Number of lamps
300 - 40014
400 - 50056
500 - 60060
600 - 70086
700 - 80074
800 - 90062
900 - 100048

(i) Represent the given information with the help of a histogram.

(ii) How many lamps have a life time of more than 700 hours?

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