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Differentiate Between Glycolysis and Krebs’Cycle - CBSE (Science) Class 11 - Biology

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Differentiate between Glycolysis and Krebs’cycle


  Glycolysis Krebs cycle
1 It occur inside the cytoplasm Kreb's cycle operates inside mitochondria
2 Gyycolysis is the first step of respiration in which glucose is broken down to the level of pyruvate Kreb's cycle is the second step in respiration where an active acetyl group is broken down completely
3 The process is common to both aerobic and anaerobic mode of respiration. It occur only in aerobic respiration
4 It degrades a molecule of glucose into two molecules of an organic substance, pyruvate It degrades pyruvate completely into organic substance (CO2 + H2O)
5 Glycolysis consume 2 ATP molecules for the initial phosphorylation of substrate molecule It does not consume ATP
6 In glycolysis one gulcose molecule liberates 4 ATP molecules through substate level phosphorylation In Kreb's cycle, two acetly residues liberate two ATP or GTP molecules through substrate level phosphorylation
7 Net gain is two molecule of NADH and two moleucles of ATP for every molecule of glucose broken down Krebs'cycle produce six molecules of NADH and 2 molecules of FADHfor every two molecule of acetyl CoA oxidised by it. Two molecules of NADH are liberated during conversion of two pyruvates to acetyl CoA. 
8 The net gain of energy is equal to 8 ATP The net gain of energy is equal to 24 molecules of ATP. Six molecules  of ATP can be produced from 2NADH2 formed during dehydrogenation of two pyruvates.
9 No carbon dioxide is evolved in glycolsis Carbon dioxide is evolved in Krebs cycle
10 Oxygen is not required for glycolysis Krebs cycle uses oxygen as terminal oxidant
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 NCERT Solution for Biology Textbook for Class 11 (2018 to Current)
Chapter 14: Respiration in Plants
Q: 1.2 | Page no. 238

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Solution Differentiate Between Glycolysis and Krebs’Cycle Concept: Glycolysis.
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