Department of Pre-University Education, KarnatakaPUC Karnataka Science Class 12
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Given What You Know About Coping Strategies, What Suggestions Would You Give to Your Friends to Avoid Stress in Their Everyday Lives. - Psychology

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Short Note

Given what you know about coping strategies, what suggestions would you give to your friends to avoid stress in their everyday lives.

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Coping is a dynamic situation-specific reaction to stress. It is a set of concrete responses to stressful situations or events that are intended to resolve the problem and reduce stress.

I would suggest my friends to adopt problem-focused strategies and emotion focused strategies. Both are coping strategies which can be used to handle stressful situations.

Problem-focused strategies attack the problem itself, with behaviours designed to gain information, to alter the event, and to alter belief and commitments. They increase the person’s awareness, level of knowledge, and range of behavioural and cognitive coping options. They can act to reduce the threat value of the event.

For example “I made a plan of action and followed it”. Emotion-focused strategies call for psychological changes designed primarily to limit the degree of emotional disruption caused by an event, with minimal effort to alter the event itself. For example “I did some things to let it out of my system”. While both problem-focused and emotion-focused coping are necessary when facing stressful situations, research suggests that people generally tend to use the former more often than the latter.

Concept: Coping with Stress
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NCERT Class 12 Psychology
Chapter 3 Meeting Life Challenges
Exercise | Q 10 | Page 68
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